Gradual Presentation of Evidence

How to Effectively Present Multiple Pieces of Evidence?

What is the best way to present multiple pieces of evidence: all at once or gradually? According to one relatively recent study, people find evidence to be stronger when it is presented gradually, one at a time,  instead all at once.

The Research on Gradual Presentation of Evidence

The researchers, using a computer animation, asked participants to make a probability judgment: a pond was filled with the fish from one of two lakes and participants had to guess from which lake the fish was taken. (Lake 1 had mostly white fish, and some black and yellow; Lake 2 had mostly black fish.)

Subjects were more likely to think that the fish came from a particular pond when the fish was added one at a time as compared to all at once.

There might be several explanations for this effect. Basically, the study authors believe that most likely subjects spend more time thinking about the evidence when it is presented gradually, and this in turn makes the evidence stronger.

So overall, it is a good idea whenever you have several pieces of evidence to present them gradually.