Trump Claims Obama is Co-Creator of Zika Virus

Donald Trump previously accused President Obama and Hillary Clinton of co-founding ISIS.

In one of his last attempts to sway more voters in battleground states like Florida, Trump now has accused President Obama of co-creating the Zika virus. Trump also claimed that only he can fix Zika:

“Folks, what’s happening to our healthcare?! Obamacare premiums are rising. It’s a disaster. Also, look at epidemics. We are threatened with Zika virus. It’s a complete disaster. And the truth is that it is Obama’s fault. Obama is co-creator of Zika virus. He, ISIS, and the mosquito they co-created Zika to destroy America. He can’t deny it because it happened on his watch.

Only I can fix it. Only I can beat Zika. And I will beat it so badly, so badly, folks. All the mosquitoes know it, they are terrified of me, they are praying that Hillary gets elected.”

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