Mississippi Klansman Admits He Almost Didn’t Vote for Trump

Exit polls, the Times reports, show that neither Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton inspired voters very much, at least in the way that Obama did. Only 4 in 10 voters said they strongly favored the candidate they supported and a quarter said they were motivated by dislike for the other candidate.

Our own exit poll in Mississippi was were very fortunate to have a prominent Mississippi Klansman, who kindly asked not to reveal his name, explain his vote and reasons.

He revealed that he ultimately voted for Donald Trump, but he had great reservations about him. He said he was especially concerned about Trump’s closed-mindedness. He considered voting for Hillary, but said he couldn’t do it knowing how irresponsibly she used her private email server.

“It wasn’t easy decision”, says the Klansman. “Even though we share many of the same goals and values, especially about the proper place of blacks and other races in our great society, Donald Trump just seems to be too closed-minded and many of his views tend to be just too extreme”.

He further explains: “I was little afraid to vote for this guy because he just seems to live in his own alternate reality. He just makes things up without any regard for actual facts and he seems not to change his mind even when facts overwhelmingly show he’s wrong. Some of his prejudices are really fatheaded.”

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