Breitbart Defends Bannon’s Appointment as Trump’s Chief Strategist

President-elect Donald Trump has appointed Stephen K. Bannon as his chief strategist and senior counselor in the White House. Before joining the Trump’s campaign, Bannon had served as the executive chairman of Breitbart news. 

Bannon’s appointment has immediately led to an outcry from various civil liberties groups and social activists who say that Bannon has been responsible for pushing various conspiracy theories and actively promoting the white supremacist ideology.

Breitbart news issued a statement defending Bannon and his work at Breitbart:

The latest criticism of Mr. Stephen K. Bannon is part of the vast mainstream liberal media conspiracy to derail President Trump’s efforts to make America great again.

We are proud of Mr. Bannon’s work here at Breitbart. He has worked tirelessly to expose all the ways in which Mexicans, Jews, and trannies have conspired to undermine the prosperity and wellbeing of all decent, hardworking, white American people.

The criticism that Breitbart is a propaganda outlet is completely untruthful and is just another attempt by mainstream liberal media to attack one of the last remaining unbiased media sources in America. Even our harshest critics admit that we are a truth-telling news organization: they have called us the “American Pravda”, in this way likening us to a legendary Eastern newspaper Pravda, which literally translates “The Truth.”

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