Donald Trump Promises to Make the Swamp Great Again

Donald Trump, as a presidential candidate, repeatedly promised to fix the corruption in Washington by “draining the swamp.”

In recent days, however, President-elect Trump has faced a lot of criticism for having many lobbyists and other Washington insiders populating his transition team. Senator Bernie Sanders even questioned whether Trump was trying to drain the swamp or fill it up.

Trump has said today that he changed his mind and instead of draining the swamp he now promises to make it great again:

“Folks, I said I was going to drain the swamp. But I met these people living in this swamp, and folks, these are very nice people. It would be not nice for me to drain them.

But I’m going to keep the essence of my promise, the very essence, folks. I’m going to change the swamp, but instead of draining it, I’m going to make it great again. It will be the most beautiful swamp. The best swamp ever.

And finally, folks, we will build the wall around the swamp to protect it—although in some places we might build only the fence or the virtual wall.”

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