Kanye West Finally Admits to Himself He Could’ve Become a President, Suffers Nervous Breakdown

Kanye West, one of greatest and most talented artists of all time, yesterday was handcuffed in ambulance and later hospitalized for psychiatric emergency in Los Angeles. The news about it have spread widely. Our sources say that his breakdown was brought about by the presidential election.

Previously the exceptional rapper said that he was going to run for president in 2020. But our sources say that the next day after the election two weeks ago, Mr. West started to experience a persistently bothering idea that he might been already elected a president if he only ran for president this year.

He blames his modesty and exceedingly rational thinking for his foolish decision not to run for president this year. He said his overly-realistic appreciation of his talents and overall potential was an impediment to him seeing the situation clearly, but ultimately Donald Trump’s victory proved him completely wrong.

He said that if he only had more rationally evaluated his abilities and perspectives, just like the President-elect Donald Trump did, he would have certainly already become the next greatest president of all time and would make Taylor Swift even more famous.

Image credit: Jason Persse/Wikimedia Commons

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