Donald Trump Disses Solon of Athens

Donald Trump, in his attempt to unify the country behind him, tried to woo intellectuals by using deep historical points:

“Folks, I am going to make America great again. And only I can do it. To prepare for it, I asked my people — and by the way, I’ve got the best people, the very best— to study history and see who made greatest reforms, made their countries great again. And some of my best people are very smart—they read books.

And my best people found this Solon of Athens, who is considered a big-league statesman in history. He has very high approval ratings, maybe even higher than Vladimir Putin.

So in the 6th century B.C., Athens had huge, huge problems. And the people of Athens chose Solon. He was himself rich, but was loved by poor — just like me, folks, I’m rich, very rich, but also loved by all poor people, some even say that I’m a blue collar billionaire.

And Solon successfully made Athens great again. He regulated trade very nicely, he reformed criminal justice big-league, he made huge tax reform, he abolished slavery for debt. Athens became great again, just like I will make America great again.

But then Solon did something really stupid, folks. He was so popular—just like I am now—that many people asked him to become the supreme ruler of the Athens, they even begged him to become the tyrant. But he refused it. Folks, he refused it! He even went into voluntary exile. That was really stupid. Just look how poor is Greece today—the whole world is laughing at it. I can promise I won’t make the same mistake.”

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