Trump Says Obama’s Thanksgiving Turkey Pardon Emboldens America’s Enemies

On Wednesday President Obama held his final Thanksgiving turkey pardon.

Today Donald Trump seized on this news story to argue that Obama once again sent a clear signal to America’s enemies that he is not tough enough, and it will only embolden ISIS and other America’s enemies even more. Trump said:

“Folks, did you see what Obama did?! It’s unbelievable – he again pardoned the turkeys. How unbelievably weak is this president?!

As I’ve said before – and I said it first, nobody, nobody said it before me – Obama’s turkey policy is a disaster. It’s a complete disaster. Such weakness sends clear signal to ISIS, Iran, and other America’s enemies that we are not tough enough.

Such weakness not only emboldens our traditional enemies, but it also sends a clear signal to chickens, ducks, gooses, pheasants and many others that they can get away with not being eaten.

When I start my job in the White House, I will immediately do something about it. I will start with all the illegal turkeys who are in this country, the ones who have been stealing our chickens’ jobs. We are going to have a real deli reform, and I alone can do it.”

(Image credit: Official White House photo by Chuck Kennedy)

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