Ted Cruz: Castro’s Death Proves that Cuba Embargo Works

Fidel Castro has been known as the scourge of the United States and his death has provoked many reactions. 

Since 1960, the United States has imposed a comprehensive economic embargo on Cuba, which includes trade exports to Cuba as well as travel. Many people argued the sanctions didn’t bring about the desired effects and should be lifted, thus possibly creating a greater impact on democracy in Cuba by encouraging trade and warmer relations.

A few years ago President Obama decided to initiate warmer relations with Cuba and relax some of the restrictions imposed by the embargo. Obama’s actions were heavily criticized by Cuban-American exiles, who said Obama was appeasing the dictators and casting off the suffering of many political prisoners in Cuba.

Senator Ted Cruz, whose father emigrated from Cuba in 1950s, then criticized President Obama saying that sanctions were clearly effective and Cuba had been “gasping for air”, but Obama decided to throw them an “economic lifeline” and continue the dictatorship of Castro brothers. 

Senator Cruz has proudly announced today that Castro’s death has proven him right. He says that all the sanctions against Cuba have been very effective because Fidel Castro has eventually died.

He further claims that if the Obama hadn’t relaxed other aspects of the embargo, Castro would have died sooner, maybe even by a year. But, he says, if Obama had softened even more, it is very likely Castro would have still lived, probably a lot longer.

Cruz said:

“Liberals and non-patriotic people have unfairly criticized our Cuban-American lobby for demanding to continue the embargo on the Castro dictators. These liberals were saying that if the sanctions hadn’t produced any appreciable results after 50 years, they were not working.

But all these liberals were wrong because you just need to wait a little longer. Just because something doesn’t show any appreciable results after 50 years, doesn’t mean it’s not working — it only means it needs a little more time.

Patience is really a virtue when it comes to strategic measures against dictators like Castro brothers. If you wait long enough, sanctions will kill all dictators. You just have to wait. Fidel Castro’s death proves our strategy was the right one.”

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