Rudy Giuliani Hopes to Make Looting in War Great Again

Rudy Giuliani has defended Donald Trump’s assertion that the United States should have looted Iraq’s oil, following the idea that “to the victor belong the spoils.”
Now, as President-elect Trump continues to fill up his new cabinet, the question still remains what if any position will Rudy Giuliani occupy. 

Now Mayor Giuliani says he would best serve President Trump and American people by preserving the ancient customs of war and by making looting in war great again. Giuliani said in a statement:

“Some people seem to think that it’s not okay to take another country’s oil, especially from a country which was attacked and invaded in violation of international law. But they are completely wrong – and nearly all well-informed people in the Trump tower agree with me.

I’d be honored to serve President Trump as his Secretary for War Looting.”

(Image credit: Gage Skidmore/Wikimedia Commons)

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