White Juror Couldn’t Convict White Cop Without Stronger Evidence Than Clear-cut Video of Innocent Black Man Being Shot

In April 2015 , South Carolina patrolman Michael Slager fired eight times at Walter Scott’s back as he was fleeing a traffic stop. The video of the incident was recorded by a bystander and has epitomized the shootings of unarmed black people by white police officers. The former officer was charged with murder.

Today, a mistrial was declared as the jury members, of whom 11 were white and one black, said they were deadlocked after their fourth day  of deliberations.

One audacious jury member who refused to go with the crowd says he couldn’t vote in clear conscience to convict the white police officer.

The juror says he certainly was not in any way biased in favor of the white defendant and could easily vote to convict him if only the prosecution properly did their job and presented stronger evidence than the clear-cut video of how the white officer fired eight shots in the back of an unarmed black man.

He says he was particularly convinced by the testimony of the white defendant himself, in which he described how he felt a “total fear” before shooting Scott.

The juror also says that it is highly certain that Walter Scott was extremely dangerous, as he was not only black but also very fit, which was evident from his willingness to run away from the white officer who pulled him for a broken brake light.

He says no reasonable white man could possibly come to a different conclusion after considering all such compelling arguments like he did.

He also hopes that the deadlock and the ultimate mistrial will teach the prosecution a lesson not to bring such frivolous cases to court so easily.

(Image credit: Wikimedia Commons)

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