Vladimir Putin Vetoes Romney for Secretary of State, Forces Trump to Choose Tillerson

For almost two months now President-elect Donald Trump has been in search for the right person to be his secretary of state. At one point, the former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney was considered the strongest candidate.

In recent weeks, however, Exxon Mobil Corp CEO Rex Tillerson emerged as the most likely candidate for the job. It was uncertain whether Trump would choose Tillerson considering that as the CEO of Exxon Mobil, Tillerson developed very close ties with Russian government and President Vladimir Putin himself, all of which might be a problem for his Senate confirmation. Today President-elect Trump finally announced that he has chosen Tillerson.

Sources say that Trump truly wanted Mitt Romney to become his secretary of state, but this choice was vetoed by Vladimir Putin.

As Donald Trump announced today that he will give the job to Tillerson he also used the occasion to thank President Putin for allowing him to pick Tillerson:

“I was holding off my announcement about the secretary of state so I could give Vladimir Putin time to think about this candidate and to convince Putin not to veto my choice. I can proudly tell you, folks, that we found the best candidate who is also acceptable to everyone and that candidate is Rex Tillerson.”

In a short statement, Vladimir Putin said he very much approved of Trump’s choice, saying that Tillerson is “a truly patriotic American who will work hard with President Trump to make Russia great again.”

(Image credit: premier.gov.ru/Wikimedia Commons)

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