ISIS Hacks Growth Thousandfold by Showing Trump’s Twitter Feed

Growth hacking brings to mind various strategies and techniques employed by Silicon Valley’s startups to accelerate their growth.

Increasingly these strategies are being used by ISIS to accelerate its growth. Chief Jihadi Human Resources Officer at the Islamic State, who didn’t want to reveal his full name and simply prefers to be called Hamza of Jihadi HR (HR Hamza), says that they recently discovered a new growth hack to attract top talent:

At first, we almost accidentally tested putting Donald Trump on our landing page. To our great surprise, putting Trump led to almost 350% growth in radical conversions.

Further, the extensive A/B testing has revealed that the best growth hack available is showing Trump’s press statements and Twitter feed to prospective recruits. Hamza describes what led to this realization:

One of our greatest strategic challenges and marketing goals was how to expand beyond our core base and convince the broader Islamic segment of the religious market that all what is happening is the fight between the Christian and Islamic civilizations, and we represent the Islamic civilization.

But none of our outreach efforts were particularly effective – most Muslims just don’t buy into it. But on Monday, after the attack on the Berlin’s Christmas market, Donald Trump basically himself framed it that way, describing the incident as reflecting the fight between the Islamic and Christian civilizations.

Showing Trump’s statements and Twitter feed is now proving to be a real game-changer and our radical conversions are going through the roof.

Seeing what an impressive growth hack Donald Trump has proven to be, HR Hamza now believes that Trump has been sent by Allah himself:

Judging by the impressive results, I have to conclude that Allah himself created Donald Trump and brought him to the world because clearly he performs miracles for our cause.

(Image credit: Wikimedia Commons)

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