Ted Cruz: Democrats Will Be Remembered as History’s Biggest Deniers of Science

Ted Cruz said this week that Democrats will be history’s biggest obstructionists. At a conservative student gathering, the Republican senator from Texas said that Democrats will become “obstructionists at a level we’ve never seen.”

Critics immediately pointed out that it was predominantly Congressional Republicans who so far have been obstructionists, and Cruz himself became known for his extreme filibusters and other obstructionist tactics.

Today the agreeable Texas senator went even further and said that he is confident that Democrats will be also remembered as history’s biggest deniers of science.

Senator Cruz says it is widely known that in the last decade or so Democrats have been denying the science about the beneficial effects of global warming as well refusing to accept incontrovertible theory of creationism.

Cruz says that all serious Tea Party scientists are in complete agreement that the increasing global warming of the planet holds a huge promise for humanity, and the specific benefits will be determined as soon as the most prestigious scientific institutions like the American Petroleum Institute provide the rest of the necessary funding.

Senator Cruz also says that another baffling science denial by Democrats is their stubborn refusal to accept the theory of creationism, which now has been accepted by majority of all qualified Christian scientists.

For decades to come, Senator Cruz says, Democrats will be the laughing stock of the world for their foolish belief in such nonsensical things as the theory of evolution and their stubborn refusal to accept such scientific facts like the fact that the Earth was created about 6,000 years ago, as first scientifically documented in the Bible.

(Image credit: Lorie Shaull/Wikimedia Commons)

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