As a Christmas Present to Itself, Congress Wants to Repeal Bad Karma

In the last days before the holiday season, the Congressional leaders have been focused on a single priority which they consider a perfect Christmas present for themselves: passing the bill which outlaws bad karma.

The bill was first proposed by several Republican senators but it has now garnered very broad bipartisan support.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell told us that the fear of bad karma has been the main hindrance to more productive Congress. McConnell says “the fear of bad karma interferes with our ability to achieve our full potential.”

Congressional leaders also hope that outlawing bad karma and spreading other traditions established in Washington will be the best Christmas gift to American people more generally.

McConnell says that “many Americans live unfulfilled lives because they lack the moral flexibility of Washington politicians and outlawing bad karma should provide a chance for ordinary Americans to become more like Congressional Republicans and Democrats.”

(Image credit: Martin Falbisoner/Wikimedia Commons)

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