Trump Criticizes Media for Unsubstantiated Claims, Says It’s His Job

On Friday, President-elect Donald Trump received a report from the US intelligence community stating that Russia believed it had compromising material on Trump. On Tuesday, CNN reported the existence of the memo and BuzzFeed published a full document produced by a former British intelligence official that described alleged links between Trump and Russians.

Trump immediately reacted to these news calling them “fake news” and “phony stuff.” In his press conference yesterday, Trump strongly criticized the media for reporting these unsubstantiated stories.

Donald Trump today added that it is not nice for media to report such unsubstantiated stories because making completely unsubstantiated claims is his job. Trump said:

“I worked very hard throughout my presidential campaign to prove that no one, absolutely no one can make better unsubstantiated claims than me.

I made big-league unsubstantiated claims such as that Muslims in New Jersey cheered on the roofs after the 9’11 attacks, that Lying Ted’s dad killed JFK, or that that millions voted illegally for Crooked Hillary.

Even before my presidential campaign I already had proved that I can make big-league unsubstantiated claims by championing birtherism and implying that President Obama was not born in the United States.

Now it is a complete disgrace for the media to start doing what only I could do.

So I hope that the media and others go back to what they had been doing before and leave the business of making unsubstantiated claims to me.”

(Image: Max Goldberg via Wikimedia Commons)

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