After Trump Calls Them Fake News, CNN and BuzzFeed Attract Half of Breitbart and Fox News Readers and Viewers

On Wednesday, during his press conference, President-elect Donald Trump described CNN and BuzzFeed as fake news for publishing news stories about intelligence reports which indicated that Russia might have compromising material on Trump.

Now our groundbreaking research shows how that Trump’s criticism of CNN and BuzzFeed immediately had profound effects on the ratings of various media outlets.

Our research indicates that since that moment, Breitbart News and Fox News have lost almost half of their regular readers and viewers to BuzzFeed and CNN. Here’s what several of these readers and viewers said about their reasons for switching.

One former Breitbart reader said:

”I thought when Donald Trump called BuzzFeed and CNN fake news – it was an implicit suggestion to his followers to start reading only those media outlets.”

Another regular Fox News viewer who now switched to CNN said:

“Me and my friends thought that Donald Trump sort of officially endorsed BuzzFeed and CNN when he said they were fake news. So from then on, I’ve been only watching CNN. I don’t read much, but if I do, I will make sure to read only BuzzFeed.”

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