Trump: My Russian Handler Says Russia Has No Compromising Material on Me

President-elect Donald Trump recently again criticized the US intelligence community as well as both Democrats and Republicans for the allegations that Russia had compromising material about him.

On Friday, he tweeted that the allegations were based on “totally made up facts by sleazebag political operatives” and that “Russia says nothing exists.”

Today Trump further explained reasoning behind his statement and especially if he’s implying that if Russians did really have some comprising material about him that they would tell him about it:

“I have very good relationship with Russians. They like me a lot. They like me big league. So if they really had something compromising about me, it would be not nice for them not to tell me about it, and that’s not how our relationship is based.

Also, I know from experience that Russians always tell me everything, or at least my Russian handler has always told me everything. He has been very nice to me. So they if they had something on me, he would tell me, he would certainly tell me, believe me.

Of course, now my Russian handler had to leave the country after Obama expelled him together with 34 other nice Russian people. It was not nice for Obama to do it. Bad. But my new Russian handler also seems very nice and I believe he will tell me everything. We will have a very nice working relationship.

So yes, I hugely believe that if Russians really had some not nice stuff about me they would tell me. This proves that I’m not a puppet. You’re all the puppets!”

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