ISIS Thanks President Trump

Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration has been widely hailed as a propaganda victory for ISIS.  

The Islamist group has been for years building the narrative of the world divided into two camps — on the one hand, the crusader Westerners who wage the war on Islam and, on the other hand, the persecuted Sunni Muslims.

Trump’s executive order, critics says, may be helping ISIS to advance its narrative. One ISIS fan recently wrote on Telegraph that Trump is “just stupid enough to do it for us.

Now ISIS sent a “Thank You” letter to President Trump, in which the Islamic group expresses its deep gratitude and hopes that President Trump will be able to keep the rest of his campaign promises:

Mr. Trump: Praise to Allah for sending you to advance our cause.

We sincerely thought that your presidential campaign was one of the best political campaigns ever to reinvigorate our cause. Yet, we expected to be somewhat disappointed by your actual presidency, as happens with all politicians.

But you truly are an outsider, and during your first two weeks in office, you have reassured us that you will continue supporting our cause.

Now we can only pray that you will be able to spend many more years in American presidential politics. We wish you the best of health and anything that will help you to make sure that to keep the rest of your campaign promises, especially the promise to create the national Muslim registry.

We are once again grateful to Allah for sending you to boost our cause in our darkest moment of existence. Together we will make Caliphate great again.

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