Trump Press Conference Explains Good Leaks vs. Bad Leaks

President Donald Trump yesterday held an 80-minute news conference in which he repeatedly criticized the media for the leaks about Michael Flynn’s discussions about sanctions with Russians. 

President Trump explained to reporters the difference between good, honest leaks and bad, illegal leaks:

“There are good leaks and there are bad leaks. Good leaks are the ones about my opponents — like when during my campaign the media did a nice big league job reporting leaks about Crooked Hillary. These are good leaks. They are nice.

Leaks about me are bad. Bad! It is not the job of the media to cover bad leaks. Media that covers them is bad media. Good media should focus on uncovering more good leaks — maybe there is something about the so-called judges who mess with my Muslim ban, maybe there is something about the Senate Democrats who mess with my cabinet picks. Who knows?!

What happened to the media?! Why it has become so bad and corrupt?! What happened to the good old leaks which were directed exclusively at my opponents?! Bad leaks are so unfair!”


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