White House Uses Political Schrodinger’s Cat for Determining Fake News

President Donald Trump, during his press conference on Thursday, boasted about his electoral college victory being largest since Reagan’s election and Trump also repeatedly accused the news media of being dishonest and always spreading fake news about his administration.

One reporter, however, pointed out that Trump himself was spreading fake news even about his electoral college win:

The White House today issued a clarification about what is the essential distinction between real news and fake news:

We feel the need to clarify the distinction between real news and fake news because many journalists are still confused about it. The main principle is this. The information is neither fake nor real before it reaches the president. We call it the political Schrödinger’s cat. But once the president receives and accepts that information it becomes the real news.

This principle works in reverse with the mainstream news media. From the moment when the Washington Post or Times or CNN receives, accepts, and publishes negative information about President Trump, it becomes fake news. 

But again, the basic criterion of truth is this: if the president is given information and accepts it, that means it’s the truth and not the fake news.

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