NRA to Push Congress Remove Restrictions on Sales of Rocket-Propelled Grenades

Recently the NRA and gun industry have started pushing Congress to remove restrictions on sales of silencers. Critics are saying that the gun industry is desperate to find any new sources of revenue because gun sales are dropping.

The NRA, however, has maintained that silencers are a public health necessity because they are an indispensable tool to for preserving gun owners’ hearing and the proposed act is called “The Hearing Protection Act.”

Now the NRA has also announced that it will also push Republican Congress to remove all restrictions on sales of rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs) and other rocket launching devices. The NRA says this move is not about the gun industry’s drive to preserve healthy profit margins at any cost, but rather rocket-launchers serve an essential public need.

The NRA says that it’s very cold now in many parts of the country and the feeling of warmth is an essential human need. This human need for warmth, the NRA says, will be ensured if everyone has a rocket-propelled grenade close at hand, which is a very reliable source of warmth and also very portable.

For anyone in any northern city now an RPG is really a necessity, says the NRA spokesman. She also says that if Republicans in Congress will be docile enough and as expected provide tax exemptions and subsidies for buying an RPG, it may become really the best source of ensuring that your family stays warm in winter.

(Image: Staff Sgt. Ezekiel Kitandwe via Wikimedia Commons)

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