Trump Reassures his Supporters He Will Deprive Poor People of Healthcare

On Monday, President Donald Trump held a rally in Kentucky among his supporters. He promised that in the end the Republican healthcare bill would be a success. “In the end, it’s going to be great,” Trump said.

Today Trump held another rally, a major point of which was to reassure his supporters that he would keep his promise to deprive poor people of health insurance. Trump said:

“Folks, I promised I would repeal and replace Obamacare with something terrific. Now the best of my best people have come up with a very nice way to keep my promise of depriving poor people of health insurance. It’s will be hugely terrific.

But to make sure that we’re putting “America first,” we won’t stop at poor people.

My best people have also figured out a terrific way how to also deprive old people of health insurance. We have a huge plan for doing this. And you will see that it will work out very nicely.”

Many of Trump’s supporters enthusiastically applauded the President’s speech, some ecstatically waving placards that said “Promises Made. Promises Kept.”

(Image: Office of the President of the United States via Wikimedia Commons)

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