Hill Republicans Disappointed Defense Secretary Not A Party Hack

As Politico reported yesterday, many Hill Republicans say they are growing frustrated with Defense Secretary James Mattis because he has largely avoided nominating people with political backgrounds and instead has chosen deputies with backgrounds in law, diplomacy, and business. Many Republicans are even more irritated because Mattis decided to hire some veterans of Democratic administrations.

Hill Republicans almost universally say they are deeply disappointed that Secretary Mattis turned out not to be a party hack they expected him to be. One GOP senator said:

“I really hoped he would be a well-trained party dog, putting the needs of the party above what’s best for national security. But he’s turning out to be a real disappointment.”

Another Republican lawmaker said:

“It’s truly disappointing to see that Secretary Mattis may have some objective views and he seems to be able to make non-biased decisions about senior staff appointments.
But what’s even more worrying is that he may have some common sense views on overall defense spending, as can be seen from his troubling refusal to try and raise the defense budget by taking away the money from the poor, the elderly, and other non-patriotic groups.”

(Image: Air Force Tech. Sgt. Brigitte N. Brantley via Wikimedia Commons)

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