Trump Promises Republicans Will Never Stop Trying to Deprive Poor People of Healthcare

After the Republican healthcare bill debacle, President Donald Trump said he’ll do whatever it takes to get the Republican healthcare bill passed.

On Sunday Trump also said in a tweet that “Anybody (especially Fake News media) who thinks that Repeal & Replace of ObamaCare is dead does not know the love and strength in R Party!”

Today President Trump followed-up on his last tweets by saying that he and his fellow Republicans will never give up trying to deprive poor people of healthcare:

We will never, never give up trying to deprive poor people of healthcare. Our critics simply don’t know the passion that we have against poor people. Our great great Republican Party will never betray its core mission of supporting wealthy people’s interests and opposing poor people.

And, as I’ve said before, if that’s what it takes, we will make a deal with the Democrats — as soon as they become civilized and start showing eagerness to deprive poor and sick people of healthcare.

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