Trump Surprised How Much Better It Is to Bomb Assad Than to Blame Obama

Last Thursday President Trump launched direct military strikes on Syrian al-Shayrat airbase. According to the White House, the airbase was chosen because Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad used it to launch the chemical weapons attack in Idlib that led to an international outrage. Prior to the attack, Trump had been trying to divert the media attention from the Russia story.

Our sources inside the White House told us that the president was getting very worried that the Russia story wasn’t going away and even his big league claim that Obama had wiretapped him didn’t seem to help. So when an opportunity to bomb Assad came along, Trump felt he couldn’t let it pass.

Today President Trump told that he himself is very surprised at how much more effective it is to bomb Syria than to blame Obama in order to divert media’s attention from the Russia story:

Who knew that bombing Assad is so much better than blaming Obama?! Nobody knows why it works – why bombing Bashar works so much better than blaming Barack – and it still a mystery to me. But if it works, who cares why?!

Trump says that in the future he will always try bombing someone first before blaming Obama. He even says that if future bombings prove as effective for diverting attention as this one, he might stop blaming Obama altogether.


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