House Republicans Proud to Have Tried Depriving Poor People of Healthcare

Last Thursday House Republicans voted to repeal the Obamacare (217-214). Not a single Democrat voted for the repeal.

Most of the House Republicans who voted for the repeal told us today that after a week has passed and they had time to reflect on their vote they still feel very ecstatic about finally fulfilling their duty to their party and their country to deprive poor and sick people of healthcare.

One GOP congressman says:

“The Obamacare is a disaster. It is steadily rolling downhill and if it’s not stopped soon enough it is likely that in the near future all poor and sick people would have health insurance. I’m proud that my vote will be part our brave Republican effort to stop this travesty.”

Another Republican congressman says that his vote will restore the traditional role of healthcare:

“Health industry is becoming a mess by the day, for example, now healthcare is becoming available even to non-prosperous people who are already sick. Our vote will restore the traditional role of the healthcare as something available only to either wealthy or healthy people.”

Yet another Republican lawmaker says that his vote to repeal the Obamacare serves perhaps even more important function of sending a clear message that socialist schemes like universal healthcare will not be tolerated ever:

“Obamacare was a shrewd and evil socialist scheme that imposed on the poor people the right to have health insurance. But it was only a first step towards imposing on Americans a truly universal healthcare, the kind that all Canadians and Europeans are suffering from. I’m proud that my vote helps to send a clear message that such socialist schemes will never be tolerated in this country. “


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