Trump Will Fire Congressional Committees Investigating Russia-Trump Collusion

Last week President Trump’s unexpected decision to fire FBI Director Comey created a political firestorm. Trump called Comey the “showboat”.
There were rumors that previously Trump asked Comey for his loyalty and he refused. President Trump angered critics even more after meeting with the Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergei Lavrov and Russian ambassador Kislyak in the Oval Office, while allowing only Russian and no American media to participate in the meeting, and possibly revealing important intelligence to Russians.

Today President Trump announced that as a logical next step of his firing Director Comey, this week he is ready and willing to fire Congressional committees investigating possible collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign.

Trump says that in the termination letter that his bodyguard will deliver to the Congress he will announce that he is firing the committees on the recommendation of his Russian handler.

However, he also added that he was going to fire them anyway after he asked them to pledge their loyalty to him and they refused, which proves that they are showboats and don’t have the modesty and quiet discipline to conduct affairs like he does.

After things calm down, Trump says, everyone will be thanking him.

Trump also says that Congressional intelligence committees need new leadership to restore the public’s trust in them, and after he consults with the Russian ambassador he will be ready to appoint the new leadership very soon.


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