Putin Retaliates for Sanctions by Ordering White House to Cut Its Staff

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced on Sunday that Russia would retaliate against the new sanctions bill passed by Congress by ordering the United States to cut its diplomatic staff in Russia by 755 employees.

Today President Putin also announced that Russia will further retaliate by ordering the Trump White House to cut its staff. Putin says he ordered Russian ambassador to take care of the details and the ambassador will also make all the final decisions in deciding which White House staffers will be let go.

President Donald Trump apologized to Putin and all Russian people for the Congressional bad behavior directed at Russia. Trump says he will do everything he can to ensure that Russia relations remain as warm as possible in this difficult time for his boss.

Trump also says it will be an honor to work with the Russian ambassador to ensure the smooth implementation of Russian sanctions, and he already took the first step to implement Putin’s order by firing the Mooch.

(Image: WhiteHouse.gov)

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