Trump: We Fulfilled Our Pledge to Make David Duke Happy Again

President Donald Trump yesterday used his press conference on infrastructure to double down on his initial claim that both sides were guilty for the weekend violence in Charlottesville.

Trump suggested that that counter-protesters were no that different from white nationalists, Nazis, and Ku Klux Klan. Trump defended nationalists by saying there were “some very fine people” among them.

Former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke tweeted his gratitude to Trump, saying: “Thank you President Trump for your honesty & courage to tell the truth about#Charlottesville & condemn the leftist terrorists in BLM/Antifa.”

Today President  Trump called the media event for his proposed tax reform which he used to proudly announce that he fulfilled his campaign pledge to make David Duke happy again. Trump said:

Today I’m proud to announce that since I was elected, the stock market has been booming, the unemployment has been getting lower and lower, and David Duke has been getting happier and happier everyday. The fake news media will probably not report my great achievements.

But American people know in their hearts what we’ve accomplished. Many people said we couldn’t do it so fast. They said we couldn’t make David Duke happy again, especially so fast — during my first year in office. But they were wrong. Nobody, nobody could make David Duke as happy I could. American people know I always keep my bigly promises!


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