Trump Says He Sold More Hats During Natural Disaster Than Any Other President

President Donald Trump has been criticized for using his visit to hurricane-ravaged Texas to boast about his crowd size and profit from the disaster by selling more of his USA hats.

Today President Trump held a press conference to criticize the media for not reporting enough about his crowd size and his impressive sales numbers of hats:

“The fake news media is not giving me the credit for having probably a largest crowd ever gathered during a natural disaster. The media is run by such heartless and dishonest people. Shame!

And these dishonest people are also not reporting the huge sales numbers of my hats. Nobody, nobody has ever sold as many hats as I have during a major natural disaster.

Previous presidents were a joke — Bush and Obama were so lightweight that they barely sold any hats at all. Sad! If I was the president during Hurricane Katrina, I would have set a world record for hats sold during a natural disaster.”


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