Trump Says It’s Very Unfair to Him that Las Vegas Shooter Wasn’t a Muslim

President Donald Trump today accused Las Vegas shooter Steven Paddock of being very unfair to him:

“Folks, what happened in Vegas was so shocking: it happened so fast and nobody, nobody could be prepared that a non-Muslim would do such a thing to me.

It’s so unfair, very unfair to me that the shooter was not a Muslim.

Just imagine what great things we could if he merely showed or hinted his liking for Muslims or ISIS. We could have a better Muslim ban, build a bigger wall – for which Mexico will eventually pay, deport more immigrants who were brought here as children, as so many other beautiful things.

All he had to do is just leave some clue that he likes Muslims. Anything would be helpful. But this bastard didn’t do anything good for me. What a selfish son of a bitch — to kill himself without giving me something! What a loser.”


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