Mueller Stress Disorder is the Leading Health Complaint in the Trump White House

In a new health study published today scientists report that the Mueller stress disorder has become the number one health complaint in the Trump White House.

Many senior aides who worked in the Trump campaign seem particularly susceptible to the Mueller stress disorder.

Earlier studies suggested that the president’s unpredictable Twitter habits were the leading cause of chronic stress among the senior White House aides.

The new study suggests the special counsel Robert Mueller has now become the leading cause of the acute stress disorder in the White House. One possible reason, according to many experts, is that the Mueller stress disorder is associated with significantly higher risk of incarceration and other negative health outcomes.

One senior White House aide explained how Mueller has negatively affected his overall wellbeing and enjoyment of life:

“I’ve been acutely stressed by Mueller after my family doctor informed me that going to prison is very bad for my cholesterol and overall health, but another equally strong reason is that Mueller attacks seem so sudden and calamitous, and there is apparently nothing I can do now to decrease my risk of Mueller attacks.”

The scientists found that Mueller carries very little risk of incarceration and other adverse health effects for aides who had not worked in the Trump campaign.

On the other hand, the scientists also say that people most susceptible to Mueller attacks are those who have a history of financial frauds and contacts with Russian oligarchs.

Many senior White House aides seem even more distressed by the fact that no reliable treatment as of yet has been developed to help the sufferers deal with the acute Mueller stress disorder.

(Image: The White House via Wikimedia Commons)

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