The main topic of this blog is political power, persuasion, and decision-making. In particular, it explores how demagogues, gaslighters, fearmongers and their cross-breeds use people’s psychological weak points and gullibility to accumulate their political power, as well as why idiocy in political decisions has become a form of art.

This blog often explores these issues from a satirical angle.

An unrealistically ambitious goal of this blog is to make it slightly harder for demagogues and their ilk to successfully operate. (And if it also helps readers become just a little bit better at detecting and resisting political lies and obfuscations, it will be a very pleasant surprise).

About Will Tumonis

Will Tumonis is a political writer primarily focused on political satire as well as on the psychology of political decision making, influence, and social change.

He previously published and wrote political spoof news site Woolitics News. (You can find some of the posts republished here.)

His professional background is in behavioral decision-making. He previously worked as a decision-making consultant and strategic policy advisor. Prior to that, he was an academic researcher specializing in theoretical and behavioral decision-making.

Currently, apart from political writing he also teaches workshops on persuasive messaging for political advocacy campaigns as well as on fundamental principles of persuasive writing.