This blog primarily features political satire and other content with a lighter take on politics.

It touches upon all sorts of political absurdities, hypocrisies, and half-witted policies but it generally avoids satirical news (political spoof).

Mostly, however, it is focused on the bad, the ugly, and the stupid aspects of policy-making, power politics, and political persuasion. So most of the content here revolves around two interrelated topics:

  • Dirty tricks of political persuasion and power politics that politicians and others use to sway people to their side and gain power or political control. This includes such things as sophistry and specious political argumentation, demagoguery and hatemongering, disinformation and propaganda, gaslighting, corruption, coercion, etc.
  • Harebrained political reasoning and policy-making. Many posts here explore why people in politics are so fond of embracing dumb ideas and pursuing irrational policies as well as being so good at failing to learn from previous experiences and mistakes, or why the public often supports politicians and policies which are detrimental to its interests.

About Will Tumonis

Will Tumonis is a political writer and satirist based not in Washington DC.

He previously published the satirical news site Woolitics News, where his task was to come up with some really ridiculous political spoof, but he ultimately gave up feeling unable to constantly match up to ridiculousness of real politicians and real political news. (You can find some of his Woolitics posts republished here.)

His unhappy professional background is in behavioral decision-making. He was always fascinated why even very smart people often embrace harebrained political ideas, but his strong interest in decision-making ultimately solidified out of some really bad decisions he had made earlier in his life, such as going to law school.

After graduating from Temple University Law, where he was a European Fulbright scholar, he did some graduate research in Europe, focusing on judgment and decision-making in legal contexts, all of which was a complete waste of time apart from imprinting upon him even more deeply the depressing realization that even supposedly rational and unbiased people are often viciously irrational and incurably biased.

Afterwards, as someone trained in the art and science of rational judgment and decision-making, it was only natural he would make a badly-thought-out decision with no real strategy behind it to pursue a career path as strategic decision-making consultant, advising among other things on high-stakes strategic negotiations with government institutions and others as well as behavioral design for public influence  and litigation strategies.

If you want to contact him, it might be best to use this contact form because his social media presence and engagement is erratic and almost bipolar. (He usually goes from loving Twitter to hating it and deleting his account, and after a while repeating the cycle again and again, all of which makes him believe he was punished by some cruel Greek gods but instead of a boulder to roll up a hill they gave him social media.)