To Leave a Lasting Impression as President, Trump Should Start a Bigly War

President Donald Trump no doubt enjoys the constant media attention, and maybe even uses it as sustenance. But it would be also no exaggeration to say that he’d like to be etched into our memories forever.

And this is where his existing strategy may fail him. Consistent public outrage, declarations about his superior ability to grab them by their pussies, revelations about previous affairs with porn stars, getting impeached, racism, etc—these are all very nice and good things for hijacking media’s attention and keeping everyone focused on him. Yet, all of that will probably be not enough to keep Trump carved into collective memory long after he leaves the office.

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When Is The Best Time To Bribe Someone

Do you want to bribe political decision-makers but you’re not sure when to do it? Even the most acclaimed political bribers sometimes agonize over such questions as:

  • Should you give a bribe as soon as you present decision-makers with your initiative, legislative proposal, bid, etc or after they had some time to consider its merits?
  • Should you still bribe even when you feel that your case is clearly stronger on its merits than that of your rivals?
  • Conversely, should you even try bribing when your case is objectively weaker on its merits than that of your rivals?

The art of bribing may be an ancient art but we still don’t have many definitive answers about how to most effectively use it. Fortunately, behavioral research now provides some tentative answers to these important problems.

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How To Get Away With Murdering Journalists

Anyone planning to get away with murdering journalists can learn a lot from the murder of Washington Post journalist’s Jamal Khashoggi and the factors which helped Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman get away with it, at least as far the official White House response goes.

The Four Elements

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