Donald Trump Promises to Make the Swamp Great Again

Donald Trump, as a presidential candidate, repeatedly promised to fix the corruption in Washington by “draining the swamp.”

In recent days, however, President-elect Trump has faced a lot of criticism for having many lobbyists and other Washington insiders populating his transition team. Senator Bernie Sanders even questioned whether Trump was trying to drain the swamp or fill it up.

Trump has said today that he changed his mind and instead of draining the swamp he now promises to make it great again: Continue reading “Donald Trump Promises to Make the Swamp Great Again”

Breitbart Defends Bannon’s Appointment as Trump’s Chief Strategist

President-elect Donald Trump has appointed Stephen K. Bannon as his chief strategist and senior counselor in the White House. Before joining the Trump’s campaign, Bannon had served as the executive chairman of Breitbart news. 

Bannon’s appointment has immediately led to an outcry from various civil liberties groups and social activists who say that Bannon has been responsible for pushing various conspiracy theories and actively promoting the white supremacist ideology.

Breitbart news issued a statement defending Bannon and his work at Breitbart: Continue reading “Breitbart Defends Bannon’s Appointment as Trump’s Chief Strategist”

Mississippi Klansman Admits He Almost Didn’t Vote for Trump

Exit polls, the Times reports, show that neither Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton inspired voters very much, at least in the way that Obama did. Only 4 in 10 voters said they strongly favored the candidate they supported and a quarter said they were motivated by dislike for the other candidate.

Our own exit poll in Mississippi was were very fortunate to have a prominent Mississippi Klansman, who kindly asked not to reveal his name, explain his vote and reasons.

He revealed that he ultimately voted for Donald Trump, but he had great reservations about him. He said he was especially concerned about Trump’s closed-mindedness. He considered voting for Hillary, but said he couldn’t do it knowing how irresponsibly she used her private email server. Continue reading “Mississippi Klansman Admits He Almost Didn’t Vote for Trump”

Donald Trump Sincerely Congratulates Himself

Donald Trump won the presidential election. In his victory speech, Trump gave thanks to his closest supporters, especially the FBI and the Russian intelligence, but most importantly he expressed a sincere appreciation of his own efforts:

“Folks, this is a great day for this country and for me. It was rigged election, folks. Crooked Hillary was trying to rig it by appealing to people’s logic and rational thinking, but it didn’t work, it didn’t work, folks. Continue reading “Donald Trump Sincerely Congratulates Himself”