Hill Republicans Disappointed Defense Secretary Not A Party Hack

As Politico reported yesterday, many Hill Republicans say they are growing frustrated with Defense Secretary James Mattis because he has largely avoided nominating people with political backgrounds and instead has chosen deputies with backgrounds in law, diplomacy, and business. Many Republicans are even more irritated because Mattis decided to hire some veterans of Democratic administrations.

Hill Republicans almost universally say they are deeply disappointed that Secretary Mattis turned out not to be a party hack they expected him to be. One GOP senator said: Continue reading “Hill Republicans Disappointed Defense Secretary Not A Party Hack”

Trump Reassures his Supporters He Will Deprive Poor People of Healthcare

On Monday, President Donald Trump held a rally in Kentucky among his supporters. He promised that in the end the Republican healthcare bill would be a success. “In the end, it’s going to be great,” Trump said.

Today Trump held another rally, a major point of which was to reassure his supporters that he would keep his promise to deprive poor people of health insurance. Trump said: Continue reading “Trump Reassures his Supporters He Will Deprive Poor People of Healthcare”

Scott Pruitt Inspires New Philosophy of Appointments

As the New York Times reported, Scott Pruitt, the new head of the EPA, has been stacking the agency with climate change skeptics.
This new spirit of appointments will now be extended across all Executive Departments in the Cabinet. Here is a preview of how other Executive Departments will fill their senior appointments:

  • Department of Defense with give priority to Russian pacifists;

Continue reading “Scott Pruitt Inspires New Philosophy of Appointments”

NRA to Push Congress Remove Restrictions on Sales of Rocket-Propelled Grenades

Recently the NRA and gun industry have started pushing Congress to remove restrictions on sales of silencers. Critics are saying that the gun industry is desperate to find any new sources of revenue because gun sales are dropping.

The NRA, however, has maintained that silencers are a public health necessity because they are an indispensable tool to for preserving gun owners’ hearing and the proposed act is called “The Hearing Protection Act.”

Now the NRA has also announced that it will also push Republican Congress to remove all restrictions on sales of rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs) and other rocket launching devices. The NRA says this move is not about the gun industry’s drive to preserve healthy profit margins at any cost, but rather rocket-launchers serve an essential public need. Continue reading “NRA to Push Congress Remove Restrictions on Sales of Rocket-Propelled Grenades”