Workshop: Persuasive Messaging for Political Campaigns

Why most political campaigns fail to make a difference and only a few succeed? One distinguishing element of powerful campaigns is that they  have a simple yet unforgettable and emotionally-charged central message.

When people think of winning political campaigns in recent times, they normally think of campaigns like Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign or the campaign of the ultimate winner of the 2016 election. What distinguished these campaigns is that they had a simple, emotionally-charged central message (“Change we can believe in” and “Make America Great Again”). On the other hand, losing campaigns failed to develop such compelling central ideas.

To help participants learn how to develop highly-persuasive and memorable campaign messaging, this workshop brings together the most important principles of persuasion psychology:

  • Basic techniques for crafting messages that grab attention and maximize involvement;
  • Specific emotional elements which move people to action and promote social change;
  • Basic principles for making ideas easily understandable and highly relatable;
  • Psychology of believability and credibility;
  • Linguistic tools for persuasive framing and enhanced memorability;
  • Techniques for increasing receptiveness and reducing psychological resistance.

This workshop will prove most valuable to campaign professionals, political and social advocacy groups, NGOs working on public influence campaigns, PR professionals, and speechwriters.

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