Workshop: Foundational Principles of Persuasive Writing

Most of the professional or business writing is quite good as long as you don’t mind that it fails to hold readers’ attention and interest, that it’s difficult to relate and easy to forget, and that it usually fails to change people’s minds and move them to action. But apart from that, it is usually fine.

The principles and techniques covered in this workshop are what you’d learn in your typical college writing course or a writing manual. Most of the usual writing advice will not make one’s writing truly more memorable and persuasive. Instead, this workshop presents research-based psychological principles and writing techniques which make your writing powerful and unforgettable. In particular, participants learn the following:

  • Fundamental techniques for holding attention and maximizing involvement (unexpectedness and disruption, relevance, uncertainty, rhetorical questions);
  • Core techniques for crafting easily understandable content (cognitive load, cognitive fluency, contextual markers);
  • Principles for maximizing believability and credibility (concreteness vs. abstractness, two-sided messages, optimal amount of information);
  • Tools for increased memorability (intense language, vividness, metaphors and analogies, linguistic category);
  • Psychological principles for increased receptiveness (reducing reactance and controlling language, reaffirming autonomy, tactical distraction);
  • Persuasive elements of visual formatting (visual coherence and shapes, typography, colors);
  • Differing persuasiveness of digital and print formats;
  • Creative ideation techniques for unforgettable writing.

These techniques are invaluable not just for copywriting and marketing materials or financial reports and investment proposals but for all forms of professional writing such as legal writing, business reports, PR and publicity materials, articles and speeches, etc.

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